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Certification 101

Our Sales and Support processes rate students by the levels of certification they have received. Certification to a certain level is not only required for the student’s company to be able to sell our products, but also grants the student beneficial access into our technical support system.

Once certification has been awarded to a student, it can be maintained through a system of Distance Learning sessions tied to the release of new software versions. As long as the student stays current with these web-based training classes their certification remains active at that level.


Course Selection and Flow


Certification Levels

Silver Certification

  • CR1000 + CR2000

Gold Certification

  •  Access Control = Silver + CR3000

  • Digital Video = Silver + CR4000

Platinum Certification

  • Digital Video = Gold Access Control + CR4000

  • Enterprise = Gold Access Control + CR7000

  • DV / Enterprise = Gold Access Control + CR4000 + CR7000

Master Certification

  • All Certified Lenel Courses


Distance Learning

LenelS2 Global Education Distance Learning is a web based program required to be completed by technicians in order to maintain current certification level. Enrollment is necessary within 120 days after a new release of OnGuard. Distance Learning will cover updates and changes to OnGuard software and hardware. Students can only enroll in courses which match current certification level. Click HERE for the Distance Learning web site.


Certification Benefits

We have two call queues within our Technical Support Group - Access Control and Digital Video. Each queue prioritizes the caller based upon the caller’s certification level.

Although the Certification Program benefits individual certified technicians, the certification itself belongs to the OnGuard VAR. If a certified technician is no longer with the investing OnGuard VAR, the technician’s certification is deactivated. The new VAR reactivates the certification when the re-enrollment form is submitted.

In the event that a currently certified technician has left the investing OnGuard VAR, this OnGuard VAR becomes entitled, under the benefits of this program, to receive an education “token” to be used towards future Lenel Global Education course(s). Education tokens will be honored exclusively at any Lenel Certification Center.

The token has no cash value and cannot be exchanged for anything other than Global Education courses of equal or lesser value than the original courses. Tokens may not be used for Custom, Regional or off-site courses. To receive this token, the VAR must contact the Lenel Global Education Administration Coordinator at and submit the VAR Investment Protection form. Tokens expire twelve months after they are obtained.